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Frequently asked questions

Where can I get my login details for using FIS?

To login, please use your central staff login details (username and password). Please note: These are the login details you also need e.g. to login to the University’s Groupware/webmail.

What should I do with emails which inform me about publications that have been entered/edited/deleted?

These emails primarily serve information purposes so that authors can keep an eye on their publications in FIS. If desired, you can deactivate these notifications under “My Details”.

Why don’t all of my publications appear in the list view for editing, although I can find them via the search function?

If a user creates new persons/authors whilst entering a publication, although these persons already exist in FIS, new duplicate persons will be created. If publications cannot be found in a user’s publication view, this is because the publications have not been assigned to the person in question, but to a duplicate person. These assignments can be corrected, e.g. by the person who entered the publication or by the FIS team. Corrections are made by the FIS team at regular intervals or on request. In order to avoid the wrong assignment of persons, care must be taken whilst entering the data to check authors marked yellow or blue, by double-clicking on the first name or surname. If the desired person is actually not on the list which is generated, he/she can remain on the list of authors and will be entered into FIS after completing the form.

Why can’t I see all of my publications in the LOM (PBA) report?

This could be down to the criteria which are included/excluded. Please read University Medicine Greifswald’s Richtlinien für die forschungsbezogene Leistungsorientierte Mittelvergabe (LOM) (Guidelines for the Research-Related Performance-Based Allowance (PBA)) [de]

How can I enter the email address of a person, who I have entered as author, at a later stage?

You cannot enter email addresses that belong to other persons, because they are part of the person’s master data. Master data can only be edited by the person in question. If however, there is a pressing need to add an email address, please send your request to fis_admin@uni-greifswald.de.

Why can’t I change some of my own personal details under “My Details”?

Personal details, such as name or institute affiliation are write-protected, because they are transferred fully automatically from the central staff administration system, on a monthly basis. If a user were to change these details, they would be overwritten by the next regular data import.

Why does my book contribution appear under year 0?

Book contributions themselves do not contain annual data, but rather assume the data from the books that they are part of. If a book contribution has not be assigned to a book, it will be classified as year 0. To assign a book contribution, you have to select it for editing and assign it to a book on the subsequent 2nd form.

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